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We provide two closely related services. Firstly, we are a small but driven venture builder and M&A advisory firm that leverages our experiences and robust network of experts to help companies grow, change, and transform in the technological age. Secondly, we offer an award-winning, cost effective change and transformation advisory service--including digital, IT, HR transformations and more-- which has been our specialization for 14 years. All of our engagements, no matter the service line, are curated for maximum impact and meaningful value. We advise and execute based on where you are in your journey or what tactical effort you need to bring to life. Additionally, some of our most successful engagements have been with partner consulting and innovation firms. 

Stuff we've worked on:

Venture building: 

  • Support and advisory to help a South Korean start-up candy-maker, with only two employees based in South Korea, begin operations in the US leading to $2 million in funding at a valuation of $10 million.

  • Growth and optimization work for a $10 million non-profit resulting in cost reductions of $200,000 in less than four months without headcount changes. 

Human capital focused business transformation & change management: 

  • Start to finish, end-to-end business transformation campaigns

    • Executive Leadership Task Force ​on Digital Innovation (i.e., a "Wicked Problems" Task Force): Core Business Model Update

    • Morale, productivity, and performance management: cultural change, employee engagement 

    • Sales Retraining 

    • Process Engineering

    • "Humble" Pilot Program Management

  • Change management (Digital innovation, Blockchain, IoT, ERP Implementation, SAP, SalesForce, Oracle, Workday), NPD, portfolio management)

  • HCM / workforce planning

  • HRIS implementation

  • M&A workforce integration

  • Award winning, large-scale training design and execution (1800+)

  • ​Full cycle technology product development (apps, software, SDLC, Agile)

  • Expertise in all major change models (Kotter’s, McKinsey’s, ADKAR, Lewin, A4), and DMAIC

  • HR service delivery model design and execution (classic-generalist, Ulrich, self-service, centralized/decentralized as well as matrix environments)


Ben Karam

CEO & 

Chief Transformation Officer

When we discovered that Ben is a brain-enthusiast who can also code, we couldn't resist asking him to come on-board. His experience includes creating a patented technology that translates brain waves into color schemes. He describes himself as tequila connoisseur and, while he's a lightweight, enjoys creating large batches of unique tequila drinks to share with friends and family (including Rob who loves tequila). Ben has a Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford.
Janet Rashani

General Counsel

Janet is an attorney who began her career in trial law and has expertise in patents and digital IP. She holds a BA in the History of Philosophy and Science and a JD  from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She describes herself as a life-long fan of Oprah Winfrey and enjoys playing chess and cricket with her husband and two kids. But, don't get it twisted, you don't want to be on the opposite side of her in a courtroom. 

Joseph Margoles

Chief Technology Officer

Joseph is a full-stack developer with a passion for elegant solutions. He has hands-on experience bringing technology products from concept to market. It's a relief that he's one of the good guys because he's pretty savage at hackathons. Currently he's trying to convince us we should be a technology product company instead of a consulting firm (We don't hate the idea but we've got change to attend to!) Joseph holds an BA in Computer Science from Columbia University.


Marina Lizette

Senior Advisory Consultant

Marina joined us in 2016 as a part-time administrative assistant. Quite early after she began, we realized we couldn't keep our house in order without her. Maria consistently adds value with every task and project she helps with. Now she's using her superpowers-- tenacity, zeal, and ability to learn at lighting speed--to our help our clients with strategic communications. Marina has a BA in Literature from Barnard College and a MA in Strategic Communications from Columbia University.

Ronnie Kim

Senior Advisory Consultant

Ronnie Kim has a background in Economics as a long-time consultant for the Singapore Economic Development Board. She's a passionate advocate for research in universal basic income. When she's not hustling to manage change and transformation for our clients, she's definitely hustling you at billiards. Ronnie has a BBA and MSc in Management from the National University of Singapore. 


change management, transformation, transformation engineers, mergers
Robert J Choi 

Founder &

Chairman, Advisory Council  

Rob began his career at the Central Intelligence Agency working on cultural change in elite military and training organizations around the world. He likes using what he's learned to help organizations become better and smarter. Rob holds a BA from Columbia University and MA from The Johns Hopkins University focused on International Affairs. 


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