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Transform Your Business with Our Expertise

Benefit from our dual services - Award-winning change and transformation advisory and a dynamic venture builder. With 14 years of experience, our PMO services cover HR transformations, digital, IT, and more. We provide analytics, reporting, and proven results that cater to your unique change journey. Our partnerships with top consulting and innovation firms have been highly successful. As a small but dedicated M&A advisory firm, we leverage our expertise and network to help companies thrive in the tech age. Each engagement is carefully curated for maximum impact and meaningful value.

Example projects: 

Human capital-focused business transformation & change management (US & Australia): 

  • Start to finish, end-to-end business transformation and change management campaigns

    • Executive Leadership Task Force ​on Digital Innovation (i.e., a "Wicked Problems" Task Force): Core Business Model Update

    • Morale, productivity, and performance management: cultural change, employee engagement 

    • Sales Retraining 

    • Process Engineering

    • "Humble" Pilot Program Management

  • Expertise in all major change models (Kotter’s, McKinsey’s, ADKAR, Lewin, A4) and DMAIC

  • HR service delivery model design and execution (classic-generalist, Ulrich, self-service, centralized/decentralized, as well as matrix environments)

  • HRIS implementation: Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, Greenhouse, Paylocity, Workday, and more

  • HCM / Workforce Planning Integration

  • ERP Implementations: SAP, SalesForce, Oracle, AWS, and more  

  • New Product Development (pharma, CPG)

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Theory of Change (non-profit) 

  • M&A workforce integration

  • Award-winning, large-scale training design and execution (1800+)

  • ​Full cycle technology product development (apps, software, SDLC, Agile)

Fuel Your Business Expansion with Our Venture Building Services 

Tap into our support and advisory services to achieve international growth (CONUS & OCONUS)


We helped a South Korean start-up candy maker with just two employees take the leap into the US, resulting in $2 million in funding and a $10 million valuation. Experience the power of optimization with us as we boosted a $10 million non-profit by reducing costs by $200,000 in just four months without sacrificing headcount. Let us help you achieve your business goals both domestically and abroad.


Ben Karam

CEO & 

Chief Transformation Officer (AUS / NZ)

Ben is an integral part of our team, combining his expertise in neuroscience and coding to bring innovative solutions to the table. He holds a Master's and PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford, and his patented technology that translates brain waves into visual displays is a testament to his creativity and problem-solving skills. In his free time, Ben indulges in his love for tequila, experimenting with unique cocktails and sharing them with his friends and family. With his diverse background and array of interests, Ben continues to add value to our team and make a positive impact on our projects.

change management, transformation, transformation engineers, mergers
Robert Choi 
Joseph Margoles

Chief Technology Officer

We are proud to have Joseph as a valued member of our team. He is a seasoned full-stack developer with a passion for elegant solutions and a proven track record of bringing technology products to market. Joseph is also a formidable competitor at hackathons, showcasing his technical expertise. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Columbia University, Joseph brings a solid educational background and a commitment to professional development to our organization. As a valuable contributor, Joseph is advocating for us to explore new opportunities as a technology product company. We look forward to his continued impact on our team.
Janet Rashani

Founder &

Chair (US)

Robert is a servant-leader, innovator, karaoke star, problem-solver & successful entrepreneur. With 16+ yrs of business transformation experience and a recipient of the Office of Director of National Intelligence Innovation Award, Robert drives positive change at organizations such as the MTA as Deputy Chief People Officer & for prestigious clients such as Water Environment Federation, Diageo, Columbia University, the Boston Beer Company & the Central Intelligence Agency. He is passionate about inclusive workplaces & a seasoned entrepreneur & angel investor, starting successful businesses from scratch. Robert is also a YEC Entrepreneur under 40 & Forbes author on change & innovation.

General Counsel

Janet is a highly skilled attorney with a focus on trial law, patents, and digital intellectual property. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in the History of Philosophy and Science and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Melbourne, Australia, demonstrating her commitment to education and professional development. Janet is known for her mastery of complex legal issues and her ability to effectively represent her clients in the courtroom. In her personal life, she is a dedicated wife and mother who enjoys playing chess and cricket with her family. We are proud to have Janet as a member of our team and confident in her ability to provide exceptional legal counsel and representation.

Senior Change Experts

Marina Lizette

Senior Advisory Consultant

Marina joined our team in 2016 and has been a valuable contributor ever since. With her tenacity, zeal, and ability to learn quickly, Marina has taken on increasing responsibilities and is now a key member of our strategic communications team. She holds a BA in Literature from Barnard College and a MA in Strategic Communications from Columbia University, and is committed to professional growth. Marina consistently adds value and we are proud to have her as part of our team.

Ronnie Kim

Senior Advisory Consultant

Ronnie Kim is an experienced consultant with a background in economics and a passion for research in universal basic income. As a consultant for the Singapore Economic Development Board and our organization, Ronnie has a proven track record of managing change and transformation and delivering effective solutions. She holds a BBA and MSc in Management from the National University of Singapore and is an avid billiards player. We are proud to have Ronnie as a valued member of our team.

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