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Change is about doing things better and doing them differently

Elegant Transformation 

RJC & Company is a leading provider of change management solutions. We understand that organizations are constantly evolving, and success often depends on the ability to adapt to change.

Elegant Transformation is a model that describes the dynamic process of change within organizations. It consists of four phases: Readiness, Performance Stability, Disruption, and Reorganization:

Readiness: In this phase, organizations maximize efficiency and productivity by utilizing existing resources and processes. The goal is to extract as much value as possible from the current system.


Performance Stability: As the organization becomes more established and successful, it may begin to focus on preserving and protecting its current state. This can result in rigidity and resistance to change.

Disruption: Eventually, the organization will reach a point where its existing resources and processes are no longer sufficient to meet its needs. At this point, it must disrupt its old ways of doing things and embrace change in order to move forward.

Reorganization: The organization enters a phase of reorganization, where it rebuilds itself around new resources and processes. This phase is characterized by innovation and creativity as the organization seeks to create a new and improved version of itself.


Elegant Transformation

We recognize the importance of understanding and navigating complex change effectively. Our team of experts provides a range of services to help organizations identify their current phase, develop strategies for navigating the cycle, and implement effective change management processes.

Whether you're looking to maximize efficiency, overcome resistance to change, or drive innovation, we're here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization on its journey through Elegant Transformation.


Change Management Critical Success Factors

Lead Your Transformation to Success with Clear Conceptualization and Articulation

Don't let a lack of understanding derail your change program and waste precious resources. Get your change program sponsor actively involved by defining the change landscape and gaining approval for proposed actions. Embrace organizational complexity to fully understand the impact of change.


Choose Your Change Model Wisely for Optimal Results

Target your change management strategy to meet your specific needs with a focus on business readiness. Avoid generic models that can put your project at risk before it even starts. Opt for a tailored approach that fits your resources and goals.

Master Resistance, Master Change

Resistance is a natural part of any change program, but how you handle it will determine your success. Don't let resistance break your program. Instead, tailor your approach for optimal results and overcome resistance with creativity.

Unite Your Organization with Effective Engagement and Communication 

Ensure that all stakeholders involved in the change have a clear and shared vision. Your communication plan is the key to aligning the impacted business lines, regions, etc. with your change implementation plan. Foster a united front by targeting specific communications to each impacted group.

Ensure Your Change Endures with Metrics and Embedding

Avoid becoming part of the 70% of change projects that fail due to a lack of focus on the human element. Track progress with established metrics and manage your way to success. The change process doesn't end until supportive behaviors are the norm and the change is fully embedded. Plan for behavioral change from the start to guarantee long-term results.

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